Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Relatos Gratis De Incesto

the memorable scene in the movie Eastern Promises that appears in the picture, Viggo gets naked rente Mortenssen the leaders of the Russian mafia and show them his tattoos. Each has its history, its origin and the most important events of his life. Once the mafia deliberate that it is worthy to join them bring a tattoo that makes it 3 stars, once in the chest and two in the knees.

As everyone knows I have a butterfly on the back, black with a purple shade. Gift to myself for completing my studies and stay with me wanting more, I have designs in my mind and I I have thought out the places and the colors you want me to tattoo. Two years ago came the day of my wedding, but there was no ring tattoo use the days when my fingers do not swell much, then came my pregnancy, but I'm not so irresponsible as to tattoo in that state, so that expecting a baby get a tattoo I imagined my baby at birth (or had the time, but since I was born).

I get 40 weeks and the child did not arrive as expected. 41 weeks came and took it out of his comfortable home. Never thought throughout pregnancy as an option in caesarean section delivery Metallic me super natural and ... nothing. So I opened and not only that, but put it on the raquea my back tattoo leaving it checked. I opened vertically (to the former, because now the horizontal and do not even notice them), are 10 cm opening. It is true that by that time I begged and I will open from ankle to neck as long as my baby came out fine, but the first time I swim in my house when my husband took my clothing (I could not bend) could not help but mourn to see me disfigured.

In the ancient Aztec beliefs, women who died in childbirth went to heaven just as the warriors who fell in battle. Such is the importance of giving his life for the next born. I so feel like a war wound, did not give me the cross of honor, nor any recognition, but if the most beautiful child in the world.

Although it is a transcendental event in my life there will be no tattoo that count, I'll have to wait for another event, when I have my mark in this regard, contrary to my butterfly my scar I see every time I bath I feel every time I wear the shawl with which position the baby and I up one of my native blouses that I use.

I say that I do not get discouraged and save to get a facelift ... no, maybe less but not ever happen again and as ugly as an operating room where my son had to be born, with doctors who had a lot of laziness because it wanted to meet us to eat, with an anesthesiologist atendendernos refused because it was an emergency cesarean section and the doctor in charge had to fight with him for us to attend. To never be confined to a place where you forget to lower your bag of urine and cause you pain and a terrible infection.

won the war, was wounded but trinfante the most beautiful child, that anyone could want, with a different brand that I wanted to carry.


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